Swords Of The Night




Recorded and mixed by Savaş Sungur and Süha Kozbey, mastering by Barbaros Ali Kaynak in November 2010

All lyrics and music is written by Sabhankra


released April 8, 2011



all rights reserved


SABHANKRA Istanbul, Turkey



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Track Name: Swords Of The Night
Here is the night, come join my side
I lead the way for a glorious fight
I'll set on fire your frozen heart
But first pray to father, let's gather for rite

We are just the shadows, yearning for light
Swinging the swords of the night to cease the pain
Colder than ice but burning like fire
Heart of the night heartening our desire

Father ! Grant us your wind, give us the strenght to carry on
Faster ! Our arms will swing the swords of the night, they'll shine under moonlight
They'll suffer for all their deeds, none will survive when all is done
Sooner or later well win, swords of the night will shine under moonlight !
Track Name: It's All A Lie
He sent his sign to make us live, to make believe his rotten lies
It's all a lie, do not worship, my dear brothers open your eyes !

Still can't believe what he has done,
We spilled the blood just for no one
He succeeded in sealing our eyes
Open your eyes - It's all a lie !

Shrines and houses we built for him, we lived a life in rage and grief
Children of fire, revolt for dreams ! Lets down the walls to atone our sins

Rebellion is our only choice,
We must make him hear our voice,
No prayers, no thanks, no fear anymore
Let's put an end - Let's down the walls !
Track Name: I Leave My All
This mystic charm calls me from far
My heart is insisting on obeying his call
I knew that one day it could end, it was foretold so many times

It's cold inside, in dark I saw a light
I can't resist - no more

How hard I tried to leave a sign for the unborn one
Now it's my time, this is the fall
Into natures arms I leave my all

I feel the wind for one last time
It's kissing my skin like saying goodbye
I knew that one day it could end, it was foretold so many times

It's cold inside, in dark I saw a light
I can't resist - no more
In darkness there is a light
It's swallowing my heart, I can't resist - no more !